Thursday, 26 January 2012

Today is 'Doily Thursday'

This thursday, while keeping to the 'doily' theme, I thought a little variation on show and tell with my vintage doily finds would be nice.

So I have hunted around the internet and blogosphere and gathered together some wonderfully creative ideas from some wonderfully creative people on how to give doilies another life.  Some involve upscaling whole doilies, some involve cutting up doilies and some stitching and others dying. All in all who would have thought the humble doily could be so versatile?!?!?!

Pretty and Cute

Upscaled Fence Paling

Doilies make Romance

Mobile and Doily Time

Imagine the wall shadows!!

One of my favourites

Hung and Dyed!

Cushion Makeover

Absolute Table Beauty

Stunning Illumination

Softly Beautiful

Here Comes the Bride

I am totally in awe of  the talented people out there doing such wonderfully innovative things with the humble old doily.  The story behind the wedding dress and additional photos of this stunning creation can be found here. Unbelievably the Bride made it herself!

I have always loved doilies - mostly for the emotional link to my beloved Grandma.  However, I now have a new respect for doilies and the many possibilities they present for stretching my own creativity. I now see them in a whole (if you will forgive the pun given some of the above images!) new light!!

Until next time, happy quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting ....



  1. I love all the dollies. I have a heap that I picked up for next to nothing at a garage sale. I now have loves of good ideas what to do with them.

    1. They don't seem quite so humble when you see how cleverly they can be used!!

  2. These are beautiful, not like I need a new project, but I'm inspired.

    1. There are some truly creative souls out there. My to do list is already so long I will have to be content to lust from afar!!!

  3. Those doily projects are gorgeous...especially the lighted wreath and glass jars...will need to add those to my to do list after i find some old doilies :)

    1. I would love to have a brain that worked like that!!! The light behind the doilies really makes them look magical. Cheers, Karen


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