Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tortured by Technology - A Collation of Tutorials: Part 2 - Personalising Your Signature

Are you new to blogging? computers? the alien language that is html? Do you have very colourful, creative and 'best said quietly round the kids' names for your computer? that you shout very loudly (of course, because we are perfect parents, never around the kids!!)? Sound like you?  THEN THIS IS THE TUTORIAL SERIES FOR YOU!

Being new to computers (other than to read my emails and reply - now don't laugh but I didn't even know how to add a folder to my desktop!!) taking the plunge into the land of blogs felt like the land of bogs - you know, rather than spending my time talking to you I felt like all my time was bogged down in figuring out how to talk to you.  So after many hours searching google and reading tutorial after tutorial I feel like I have taken a very looooong journey and would like to spare you some blogging techno bumps and bruises.

I am not going to re-invent the wheel - some wonderful how-to tutorials have already been written by very knowledgeable and generous souls.  Don't you love that about our blogging community?  Rather, I am going to collate the links I have found wonderfully simple and instructive and show examples where I have used them.  There is so much to impart to you that this tute needs to be in a few parts.

Part 2 - Personalising Your Signature

Have you noticed how lots of people have a beautiful signature?  Part of the 'personality' of our blog is created with the graphics and style we portray.  So in this tutorial we will look at how to make the signature on your blog posts reflect you and your individual style.

Let's learn how to
                               1. create one, and
                               2. upload it to your blog (Blogger) so it automatically appears on the bottom of all your new posts.

1.   Creating Your Signature

Of course, there are many ways to do this but this way is very easy (and who doesn't like easy!!??)

Go to My Live Signature and register and login.  From the tab options across the top select New Sig.
You will then be taken through a series of steps to determine the name of your signature (eg Karen), the font style, size and colour of your signature.  Remember, when selecting the colour of your signature to select transparent for the background colour (unless, of course, you want your signature set in a coloured rectangular box).
Next you will be asked to select the slope of your signature - do you want it straight along the bottom of your page or at a jazzy angle? the choice is yours. 
The last step is to save your signature - the purpose of registering was in order to be able to save all your signatures together for using in the future.  Also, do a right click 'Save As' and save the signature to a folder on your computer.

2.     Adding a Graphic to your Signature

There are many places on the net to obtain simple graphics.  However, I use PicMonkey - again because it is simple to use.  The graphics available within PicMonkey are quite simple but you can import your own, if you desire, as a photo.

This process is essentially the same as creating a blog button (see Part 1 of this series The Blog Button)

3.     Adding Your New Signature to All Your Blog Posts

Ok, so now that you have created your signature you want to be able to change your blog settings (Blogger) so it will automatically appear on the bottom of all your new posts.

For this step I will direct you to a wonderful tutorial written by Connie of  Quilting by the River.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Connie's tutorial on this step is very straight forward and well written and is the one I used to edit my blog settings.

So, there it is - a brand new, all you signature for your blog.  Pat yourself on the back for taking the next big learning step in 'blognology'!!!

Until next time, happy quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting ....



  1. Karen,

    Thank you so much for writing this series. Right now I am on a hiatus from blogging because of health issues, but I know that when I begin blogging again it will be nice to have good information available to me. I too found blogging frustrating at times because of the lack of knowledge I had on how to work the program or of HTML. Thank you for being kind enough to do a lot of the leg work for us!

    So glad I found your blog during the giveaway and am following you!

    Thanks again,

    1. You are so welcome. Luckily there is no use by date on this kind of info!! If you follow my links at the top right hand side to my Pinterest account you will see lots and lots of boards for tutorials of all kinds. My friend Diane, from blank pages blog, has started a depository of different kinds of tutorials and I am one od the administrators. Lots to choose from. Good luck with your health. Cheers, Karen

  2. Thanks for the inspiration - I now have my very own digital signature!!


    1. Woo hoo! Way to go Sarah. I have been over to check it out and it is very snazzy. Good on you. Glad i could help you out. Why re-invent the wheek when we can share and share alike?!?! Cheers, Karen.

  3. Thank you' Karen. I've seen signatures and wanted to make one for a while now for my blog, too. I had figured I could make one, but wasn't sure how to add them without doing it each time I posted. Thank you for this tutorial. I appreciate it!

    1. My pleasure. We quilters and crafters are good at sharing. It makes our community a warm and fuzzy one!! Glad it helped. Cheers, Karen

  4. I'm so glad you posted this, I had absolutely no idea how to get a signature. Its only a little thing but I like having it there!

    1. But it's all those little things that come together to visually set the 'personality' of our blog. And it is my absolute pleasure to help!!! Cheers, Karen.


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