Monday, 11 June 2012

Modern She Made - a Flickr Swap - What the Postman Delivered

The final stage of the Modern She Made Flickr Swap is the receiving of lovely goodies in the mail.  Being (usually) an international participant generally means a longer wait.  And so you wait, hoping everyday that today is the day the postman has a package just for you.  And then - yippee - it arrives.  And it was sooooo worth the wait.

A  new wall quilt for the sewing room.  Wow - look at those colours.  Just what I love.  The terrific thing about this swap was the additional threads started up by participants asking great questions that drew out more info from your secret partner about their likes and dislikes.  Clearly my partner, Rachel from {scraps from the cutting room floor}, had done her reading homework because she picked up so many things about me from those threads.

up close detail of the front showcasing some of the circle fabric (remembering that to have some circular element was part of the swap requirements) and radiating quilting lines.

 my matching pincushion to add to my growing pincushion collection and a lovely vintage spool of co-ordinating thread

a clever back (worthy to be the front) - the quilting lines are quite clear

the back - a close up

 look at the wonderful quilting - free motion circles (which I have to say I am always in awe of because I just don't like doing it but I love looking at it!)

 front centre detail - that's me swinging away dreaming of the next installment in the Modern She Made Swap - and yes there will be a next stage.  It would appear the triangle element is winning the vote for next time.  I will let you know when the sign ups are on in case you would like to have some fun.

For of all the wonderful eye candy creations in the swap  here.

Until next time, happy quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting ....



  1. Ooh, you lucked out! What a great quilt! I'm hoping for the triangle next time:)

    1. I certainly did. Triangles got my vote too. Here's hoping. Cheers, Karen

  2. Wow! You got a great bundle of goodies!


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